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Fit and Fearless is a friendly place to do serious business.

Our Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes offer reality based martial arts and self-defense systems for men, women and children with any level of experience.  Our internationally recognized instructors and training methods bring you to a high level of proficiency in months, not years.

Our CrossFit program, including our Endurance, POSE running and tri training programs give trainees the opportunity to build themselves into world class athletes under the supervision and guidance of experienced coaches, and alongside peers who motivate each other and hold one another accountable.

Your role is simple:  Show up, don’t quit, repeat 2 or more times each week.  Leave the rest to us.  Our job is to train you.  We are very good at our jobs, let us show you!  After over 10 years in business, thousands of men and women, thousands of military operators, and hundreds of police officers can attest to the mental and physical strength they developed at Fit and Fearless, and how it improves so many aspects of their personal and professional lives.

The History of Fit and Fearless

Since 2002, Fit & Fearless has been Austin’s premier studio for Krav Maga self-defense. In 2008, owners Jeff Levine and his wife, Kersten, opened one of the city’s newest training facilities for CrossFit, a quickly growing international movement attracting new members daily with its simple, highly practical approach to improving health and human performance.

All In The Family
Fit & Fearless has become home to a growing community – an alternative for fitness-minded Austinites seeking a fun, effective way to stay in shape. Members come with a wide variety of goals – to lose weight, to build strength, to improve athletic performance, to learn to defend themselves. They come back because they achieve results, becoming capable of things they never thought possible, in only months. It’s a reflection of the Fit & Fearless mission to promote peace of mind, self-confidence and a more enjoyable, active and productive lifestyle by creating strong minds and bodies.

Humble Beginnings
Fit & Fearless began in Long Island, NY, where Jeff grew up and started lifting weights in his teens. He took his first job as a trainer at a Jack LaLanne Health Spa. After several years of weight training on his own, Jeff witnessed his first Krav Maga class. Strong as an ox, he’d often get winded walking up a flight of stairs. So, he made good on his long-time goal of incorporating cardio training into his routine. Five minutes into his first Krav Maga fitness class, he looked up at the clock, wondering if he would make it through. But after a few months of punching, kicking bags and intensive training drills, he felt fitter, stronger and more capable than ever.

Fit & Fearless is Born
Shortly after moving to Austin, Jeff met Kersten, also a Krav enthusiast and trainer, and the couple opened their own gym in 2002. In a few years they outgrew the space and finally landed in a new, larger location. As membership climbed, they added instructors. Kersten, meanwhile, earned her black belt, becoming one of only six female Krav Maga black belts in the U.S.  Fit & Fearless continued to grow, and in 2013 it moved again – this time to its current location off the S. IH-35 access road.

A Fitness Revolution
During a break from Krav Maga, Jeff started CrossFitting to stay in shape. He was instantly hooked. In 2008, CrossFit and Fearless opened its doors down the street from the Krav Maga studio in Austin. It was the ideal complement to Krav Maga, offering an innovative cardio and strength-training regimen for Krav Maga members and new students alike. The results were dramatic, as members began shedding weight, improving their performance and logging new records weekly. With members setting and reaching their goals left and right, Fit & Fearless decided to expand their CrossFit offering and, in 2011, opened it’s second CrossFit location in north Austin.

Making an Impact
In addition to helping hundreds of individuals achieve their personal goals, Fit & Fearless has also left its mark on the community. In 2005, Fit & Fearless was contracted to train over 1,000 U.S servicemen in Krav Maga and continues training dozens of state and federal law enforcement agencies as well as elite military fighting units. Krav Maga World Wide has raised more than $200,000 for the Marni Fund, sponsoring Breast Cancer research in honor of Marni Levine, an integral early member of the Krav Maga community. Fit & Fearless also helped the CrossFit community raise $300,000 to fight prostate cancer and participated in the annual Fight Gone Bad event benefitting Athletes for a Cure.

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