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  • Paleo Challenge Successes

    By Jeff | In Athlete Spotlights | on February 21, 2013

    Our coaches have put together some of the successes their athletes experienced through the four week Paleo Challenge held in January and February.  Here they are! Ryan Rosshirt Whitney Diehl and Mac Burns Wendy Devaney Angelica Rivas Coach Brandon’s Team Cindy Howry

  • Meet Austin

    By Jeff | In Athlete Spotlights | on February 7, 2013

    Meet Austin Corley.  My original intent with this spotlight was for it to be one shared with those athletes participating in the Paleo Challenge; however, after getting some info from Austin, I decided the entire community could benefit from meeting this athlete.  Austin is a 26year old musician who not only performs, but also runs […]

  • Meet Emily

    By Jeff | In Athlete Spotlights | on February 3, 2013

    Meet Emily Torrez.  Emily is a very busy high school junior with big dreams.  “My ultimate goal is to get to the Games,” she says.  Apart from training three times per week at the box, Emily juggles academics and athletics at Ann Richards High School, often resulting in two or three-a-days! She found CrossFit through […]

  • Meet Marko

    By Jeff | In Athlete Spotlights | on January 1, 2013

    Meet Marko Stankovich.  Marko has been a long-time athlete.  From participating in a variety of sports in high school, playing intramural sports in college, and continuing strength training after college, Marko has an impressive athletic background.  His independent strength training at a globo-gym left him wanting more.  “I kept up with strength training after college, […]

  • Meet Liv

    By Jeff | In Athlete Spotlights | on December 20, 2012

    Meet Olivia Gutierrez, or as we know her: Liv. Liv has been CrossFitting for about a year and a half.  Earlier this year, she participated in the CrossFit Games Open workouts and even in a few competitions in the Austin area.  To step up her game, she reads CrossFit journal articles, watches mobility WOD videos, […]

  • Meet Adam

    By Jeff | In Athlete Spotlights | on December 19, 2012

         Meet Adam Keys.  Adam initially heard about CrossFit through word of mouth.  People told him that after a CrossFit workout they “puked, but it was a good thing.”  To a sane human being like Adam, this workout phenomenon “sounded like a cult, but also sounded like a challenge.”  After training with kettlebells and enjoying […]

  • Meet Maren

    By Jeff | In Athlete Spotlights | on December 19, 2012

         Meet Maren Scheie.  Maren is a 42-year-old mom, elementary school teacher, army reservist, and CrossFitter.  Maren started doing CrossFit in March 2012.  She said she “needed to do something fitness-related,” so she started Krav Maga.  Eventually, she heard about CrossFit.  “I tried a class and thought, this is where I need to be.”      […]

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