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  • Krav Maga Meet N’ Greet

    By Jessica | In Krav Maga | on October 31, 2012
  • Small, but Mighty

    By Jeff | In Krav Maga | on July 30, 2012

    With all that has occupied the news lately, you may have missed this story about a 10-year-old Philadelphia girl who fought off her would-be abductor. Security camera footage shows the whole, quick incident. The girl and her 2-year-old brother are walking down a sidewalk in the middle of the afternoon. You can see people on […]

  • Fearless Fifty

    By Front Desk | In Krav Maga | on May 24, 2012

    Celebrating a great turnout at January’s free women’s self-defense class and thoughts on how to keep the momentum going. Sometimes the stars align and all the right elements fall into place. Whatever conspired in the universe to bring together 50 women for this month’s class, I salute it! There were new faces, Krav Maga regulars, […]

  • Krav Maga Instructor of the Year 2011

    By Front Desk | In Krav Maga, News | on February 14, 2012

    Chosen because of her passion, dedication, and the example she sets for our staff and members, we are proud to have her as a key player on our team. Parker lives and breathes Krav Maga, reaching out to everyone, especially women, helping and training them to become physically and mentally strong, self-confident, and safer. Parker, […]

  • How to make a fist…

    By Front Desk | In Krav Maga | on January 20, 2012

    One of the first questions we often get from a new student is how to make a proper fist. Here’s me in my backyard talking about it.  I have no idea why I look so mad in the first frame, or why I’m talking like a robot when my thumb is extended (??). The book […]

  • As Many As It Takes

    By Front Desk | In Krav Maga | on January 13, 2012

    Not a day has gone by since Esme Barrera’s murder that she hasn’t been the subject of a conversation, news or blog update, or Facebook post. The man who killed Miss Barrera and assaulted at least one other woman New Year’s Eve night is still at large. The following Saturday my free monthly women-only self […]

  • Make a Change

    By Miss Parker | In Krav Maga | on January 7, 2012

    Check out the new entry, “Make a Change” on Parker’s Blog! If there’s anything you’d like to change in your life, here’s one of the keys.

  • After 15 years, Krav Maga Founder’s Diploma Holder and US Chief Instructor Darren Levine is Back in HOUSTON for One Weekend ONLY! If you love Krav Maga as much as I do OR have always wanted to try it – NOW is your time. Darren Levine, a 6th degree KRAV MAGA black belt and Founder’s […]

  • Barebones Self-Defense: Be Difficult

    By Jeff | In Krav Maga | on January 4, 2012

    Make your attacker’s job frustratingly, exceedingly and most of all, painfully, difficult. This blog post is geared toward the person who knows nothing of self-defense. Who has never learned the right way to throw a punch or kick, or any techniques for that matter. This is what I would, and do, tell my mother. In […]

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