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  • Congratulations to Andrew Munoz, winner of our 12 days of Christmas online sweepstakes! Andrew won a three-month, all access pass to Austin Fit Magazine’s Best Martial Arts Studio, Fit and Fearless, or CrossFit training at CrossFit and Fearless. Thanks to all who entered! Hope you all have a wonderful New Year!

  • Mean Girls

    By Miss Parker | In Krav Maga | on November 26, 2011

    New blog post by Miss Parker! You may not have known this was going on in Austin, but…

  • Fit to Fight Diary Pt. 4: Graduation Day

    By Josh | In Krav Maga | on November 23, 2011

    At my college graduation ceremony in 1998, the keynote speaker, Oprah Winfrey, shared anecdotes from her childhood as a way of illustrating the value of maintaining a sense of spiritual wonder in the face of emotional tribulation. 13 years later, at my Fit to Fight series “graduation ceremony,” the instructor, Conor Brantley, kicked and punched […]

  • A Look into Krav Maga Instructor Training

    By Jeff | In Krav Maga, News | on November 22, 2011

      This past weekend was big for everyone in the Instructor Training program here at Fit and Fearless. Between classes and in house instructor training, a lot of us were ready for our 200+ hours of work and training to finally pay off. We all knew we were in for a rough three days, and […]

  • A Return to Humanity

    By Jeff | In Krav Maga | on November 15, 2011

    To some extent, we are our brothers’ keeper. Let’s start acting like it. I am so disgusted with people right now. Specifically, two horrific news stories involving people who witnessed something horrible happening, but did nothing. Or in one case, not enough. The first is the Penn State fiasco. I have banned myself from reading […]

  • The West During the course of Krav Maga training, it’s not uncommon for a student to notice that certain techniques, no matter how hard one tries to master them, are more elusive than others. The roundhouse kick may be picked up relatively quickly, the defensive front kick might feel as natural as waking up in […]

  • Thinking about taking the Womens Self Defense Seminar?

    By Front Desk | In Krav Maga | on October 17, 2011

    Abduction from Tony Diaz on Vimeo.

  • (Note: I’m dedicating this week’s diary entry to Casey, who decided not to take the Fit to Fight series with us because – and I’m only speculating here – he is completely terrified of me.) Coming to Fit and Fearless as I did – sedentary and unaccustomed to the rigors of a constantly strained and […]

  • The October Ladies Class is ON!

    By Front Desk | In Krav Maga | on September 28, 2011

    Come October 1st at 11:30 to the monthly Ladies-Only class! The class is open to non-members for free, so please bring a friend – it’s a great intro to the self defense seminar coming on October 22. Think you can’t do this stuff? You really can! Check out what this awesome woman did on Badass […]

  • Military Preparedness Seminar with RON! Oct. 29

    By Front Desk | In Krav Maga | on September 27, 2011

    Military Preparedness: Krav Maga Defensive Tactics as used and trained in the Israeli Special Forces Fit and Fearless’ Krav Maga Instructor Ron Grobman has been training in the Israeli military for the last year. He’ll be home for a short visit in October and will be holding a very special seminar on current Israeli Krav […]

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