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Level 3 Krav Maga

"The key to victory is believing you have a life worth fighting for."

Level 3 (Orange Belt Students)

Intermediate-level training on strikes, defenses against strikes and self defense. Train in advanced techniques defending against such weapons as knives, guns, and sticks. Students who train an average of two to three times per week should expect to complete the curriculum in nine months. Krav Maga Level 3 students will participate in a Green Belt workshop and examination to test into Krav Maga Level 4.



Head-butts - Forward; upward; side (bear hug context); back (bear hug context

Kicks - Defensive back kick with a spin; offensive back kick; heel kick; inside slap kick; outside slap kick; inward angle knee

Punch defenses - Inside defense v. left/right; inside defense v. left/right (lean back & trap); inside defense v. left/right (using forward hand); outside defenses 1-5; outside defense and counter v. right (punching defense)

Kick defenses – 3 Points kick defense v. high round kick; 2 points kick defense v. high round kick; reflexive kick defense v. high round kick

Fall breaks - Front & side high fall break; forward roll; high forward roll; diving forward roll; forward roll to back fall break; forward roll to backward roll

Defenses - Full Nelson; reverse headlock standing; front hair grab; side hair grab (impending knee); side hair grab (no knee); hair grab from behind or opposite side; bear hug from behind (leverage on finger); bear hug lifting from front or behind

Groundwork - Arm bar from ground; sit up & sweep guard reversal; choke from side; basic position headlock from side; headlock from side (weight forward with space); headlock from side (weight back, shoulder pull or leg sweep); stacking guard escape; basic position side mount; side mount transition to full mount; disengaging from side mount (knee to belly); arm (key) lock; side mount reversal; side elbow escape

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