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By Front Desk | In CrossFit, WOD | on January 21, 2012

10x100m Sprints

Walking recovery

Adventure Race Training WOD Courtesy of Lou from GORUCK:

Items needed – 50 lb weighted vest and battle buddy, this wod requires teamwork!
If you have a vest, bring it!

4 rounds for time:

25 pushups together
100m sprint together
1 minute sprint using jacobs ladder,
50m buddy carry x4 switching on and off with battle buddy every 50m, for total of 200m
1 minute burpee to chinup
1 minute sprint using jacobs ladder
100m sprint

* key move fast as if clearing buildings and or being chased in urban environment !

9:30 w/Jeremy

Austin S- 19-22
Noel- 20-23
Adam- 18-19

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