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Darren Levine Seminar

By Jessica | In Krav Maga, News | on April 4, 2013

Special offer for Fit and Fearless Members:

This will be the first time Darren Levine, (Link to Darren’s bio: http://www.kravmaga.com/about-us/about-darren-levine/)
the Chief US Instructor for Krav Maga, and the worlds highest ranked Instructor will be teaching in Austin.
Topics will include:
Active Shooter – What if there is a shooter in a school, theater, mall, etc.
Third Party protection – how do you protect someone else from a shooter
Abduction defenses – how to protect yourself, or someone else, from being taken
Home invasion – how to defend yourself and your family, from an assault on/in your own home.

Spend 6 hours working on skills and techniques, mental and physical drills to protect yourself, and your loved ones, in these situations.

Participants who complete this course will receive FREE admission to Darren Levine’s follow up course in San Antonio, where you will get to practice your skills in scenario based training.  Krav Maga San Antonio has apartments, cars, etc., to put you to the test in very realistic scenarios.

This seminar will take is limited to 60 participants.
Registration is open exclusively to Fit and Fearless members until 4/10, when it is opened to the public.

Seminar Price: $149
Member Price: $99
Sign up online here: https://fitandfearless.zenplanner.com/zenplanner/portal/event.cfm?eventId=21AF518B-8EFA-46C4-9E6F-032AD3429086
, or register at the front desk.

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