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Fearless Leaders


Fearless Leaders (Kids Krav Maga)

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Krav Maga has quickly become one of the most popular self-defense and fitness systems practiced today. Fit & Fearless Austin has taken everything unique about this highly practical, easy to learn form of self-defense and modified it specifically for children. The Fearless Leaders – Kids Krav Maga program isn’t just fun, it offers benefits aimed at building safe, healthy, and confident children.

Fearless Leaders – Kids Krav Maga offers:

Safety – Kids are less likely to be bullied or intimidated by strangers when they’re equipped to defend themselves.
Confidence – Self-defense skills and fitness taught in a supportive class environment can help boost self-esteem.
Healthy Choices – Early exposure to the benefits of staying active and eating right can help lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy living.
Fitness – An emphasis on truly comprehensive fitness program including strength, endurance, coordination, provides a solid basis for all sports and activities.
Social Skills – Working with partners and in groups cultivates good social skills and good sportsmanship.

Classes will cover:
· Common Sense before Self Defense
· Stranger Danger
· Self-Defense Techniques
· Drills and Games

Lessons are presented in child-appropriate situations. The Fearless Leaders curriculum takes on issues such as bullying, peer pressure and negotiating a wide variety of other threats. Students will learn how to verbalize, set boundaries and, if necessary, use newly acquired self-defense skills.

Try A Free Kids Krav Maga Class

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