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Fight Scene Friday – His Name is Ip Man

By Matthew Caballero | In Fight Scene Friday | on November 15, 2013

You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t know the name Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee started practicing Wing Chun as a boy and later founded of one of the most popular martial arts philosophies, Jeet Kune Do (The Way of the Intercepting Fist).  To this day, he is considered by many to be one of the most influential martial artists in the world. But whom most people don’t know is the man behind the legend.

Enter, Yip Man.

Also spelled Ip Man and also known to be called Yip Kai-Man, Yip Man was a Wing Chun Grandmaster and had several students, one of which included the world famous, Bruce Lee.


A summary of Yip Man’s biography can be read on Wikipedia and it’s quite fascinating. Many films portray the history and stories of the greatest martial arts masters in a way that can seem unbelievable. But there is some truth to every legend…

Today’s fight scene is from the 2008 film, Ip Man, starring Donnie Yen. Ip Man takes place during WWII and this scene is Ip Man’s request to fight 10 Japanese. There is more to this scene – vengeance, nationalism, and honor – but you’ll need to watch the movie, it’s worth it (and it’s on Netflix!).

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