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John Whitman Sparring Seminar & Advanced Sparring Series

By Katie Jackson | In Events & Updates | on October 24, 2013

John Whitman, the founder of Krav Maga Alliance, will be visiting Austin to hold a Sparring Seminar at Fit and Fearless. John Whitman is a 5th degree Black Belt in Krav Maga, the former President of Krav Maga Worldwide, and the author of Complete Krav Maga and Krav Maga for Beginners. The event will include an evening of sparring drills to improve fighting skills in class and on the street.

Required gear:
- Mouth guard
- Shin pads
- 16 oz. gloves
- Groin protector
*Headgear is optional*

The price also includes four 1-hour Advanced Sparring classes held during the following 4 Monday evenings and will be taught by Kersten Levine and Jason Fryer. The Sparring Seminar and Advanced Sparring Series are open to Krav Maga students of any level – beginners are encouraged to attend.


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