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Meet Adam

By Jeff | In Athlete Spotlights | on December 19, 2012

Adam Keys

     Meet Adam Keys.  Adam initially heard about CrossFit through word of mouth.  People told him that after a CrossFit workout they “puked, but it was a good thing.”  To a sane human being like Adam, this workout phenomenon “sounded like a cult, but also sounded like a challenge.”  After training with kettlebells and enjoying it, Adam decided to join the cult.

      Because he sits at a desk all day at his programming job, mobility has been a challenge for Adam. “I don’t stretch enough during the day” he says, but Adam is a regular at open gym.  You can find Adam in the box most Saturdays and Sundays working on skills and mobility.  “I like to get in and do my own thing,” Adam says.

     Adam regularly works to improve gymnastics movements and to get more comfortable upside down.He admits, “Mostly my challenges are getting over feeling like a fool because I can’t lift as much as the badass chicks.”  However, “I can deadlift and back squat my body weight.  I’ve done double unders a handful of times, which I did not think I could do so quickly.”  Looks like those weekend skill sessions are paying off!

      Currently Adam is working toward upping his game to RX workouts.  To a new CrossFitter he advises, “Don’t worry about being crappy or failing at things, just keep doing it.”

Adam Keys is Fit and Fearless.

Adam getting ready for a deadlift WOD.

[note: Adam's got a blog where he writes some pretty insightful stuff.  Check it out: http://weblog.therealadam.com/2012/12/03/hit-it-dont-quit/ ]

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