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Meet Austin

By Jeff | In Athlete Spotlights | on February 7, 2013
I thought I had a photo of Austin in the box, but I couldn't find it.  Instead I lifted this one from facebook to further showcase his badassery.

I thought I had a photo of Austin in the box, but I couldn’t find it. Instead I lifted this one from Facebook to further showcase his badassery.

Meet Austin Corley.  My original intent with this spotlight was for it to be one shared with those athletes participating in the Paleo Challenge; however, after getting some info from Austin, I decided the entire community could benefit from meeting this athlete.  Austin is a 26year old musician who not only performs, but also runs a recording studio.  His grueling schedule leaves him with late night performances (in bars, no less) and marathon recording sessions.  Enter CrossFit!  Austin says, “I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress since I started CrossFit last August, when just finishing a timed workout in the heat of the summer was my living manifestation of hell and damn near impossible.”

As an athlete participating in the Paleo Challenge this past month, dialing in his diet has made some pretty significant changes for Austin.  “Before the Paleo Challenge I always knew what particular foods made me feel like crap, but I had never done a real experiment to see what stringently cutting them all out of my diet would achieve.  However, three weeks of a highly refined diet has really opened up my eyes as to what eating clean can achieve.  My old frame of mind was that it was basically all right to eat whatever as long as I worked out enough, but I had no idea how drastically food impacted my actual performance in said workouts.  Since I’ve gone paleo, not only have I started RXing workouts for the first time, but I’ve gone from finishing last/lightest in a lot of the WODs to putting up heavier weights and faster times.”

Along with some pretty serious performance gains, Austin’s noticed some other major improvements from a combination of CrossFit and a clean diet.  “Overall, I’ve definitely been shedding fat and putting on muscle.  When I went into the sleep lab this morning for a checkup on my insomnia (which has also improved), I found out I’d lost 8lbs and now have a blood pressure level of 107/52, which is the lowest I can remember.  One unexpected side-effect has been an improvement in my vocal performances with my band (thank you couch-stretches and toes-to-bars), but most importantly, my confidence has been hugely increasing.”

Austin is a perfect example of someone with an incredibly busy schedule who has benefited across the board with CrossFit and a clean diet.

Austin Corley is Fit and Fearless.

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