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Meet Emily

By Jeff | In Athlete Spotlights | on February 3, 2013
Ann Richards High School athlete Emily Torrez steps up her game with CrossFit.

Ann Richards High School athlete Emily Torrez steps up her game with CrossFit.

Meet Emily Torrez.  Emily is a very busy high school junior with big dreams.  “My ultimate goal is to get to the Games,” she says.  Apart from training three times per week at the box, Emily juggles academics and athletics at Ann Richards High School, often resulting in two or three-a-days!

She found CrossFit through another F&F athlete, Maura Cosgrove, who happens to be Emily’s basketball coach.  Maura often puts her high school athletes through CrossFit-style workouts, but Emily wanted more.  She’s had some experience with strength and conditioning programs through her own and her brothers’ athletic careers.  CrossFit introduced Emily to the Olympic lifts.  “I’m getting strength I’ve never had before.  I was good at things like running.  Rowing too.  I really like to row.”  She’s currently working on muscle-ups and achieving a 135-pound power clean.  But if that’s not impressive enough, Emily reports, “I can push jerk 145, but that was three months ago.”

This young athlete has some of the top scores in the box, giving elite adults a run for their money.  However, she speaks highly of the warm community atmosphere at the box.  “I tell my friends it’s an environment that incorporates all fitness levels.  As competitive as it is here, it’s supportive and comforting; it’s a family.  You get better really quickly here.”  We couldn’t agree more.  Watch out for this young athlete, she’s going places!

Emily Torrez is Fit and Fearless.

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