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Meet Maren

By Jeff | In Athlete Spotlights | on December 19, 2012

Maren Scheie

     Meet Maren Scheie.  Maren is a 42-year-old mom, elementary school teacher, army reservist, and CrossFitter.  Maren started doing CrossFit in March 2012.  She said she “needed to do something fitness-related,” so she started Krav Maga.  Eventually, she heard about CrossFit.  “I tried a class and thought, this is where I need to be.”

     Her background is in power lifting; she competed in the early 2000s.  That background has helped her with most of the barbell movements she uses in CrossFit—except for one, “Snatch—the most evil thing about CrossFit—that technique!  I only do part of it right at a time, either I get the arms right or the legs right, but never both.”

     Maren says, “I want people to see people my age—42—and think that they can do it too.  Your 40s is the perfect time.  You can keep up with your kids.”  Beyond keeping up with her son and her students, Maren has recently accomplished four strict ring dips in a row and ten kipping pull-ups strung together.  She’s still working on her handstand push-ups and stringing together double unders, but she’s almost there.  “I feel good.  I have more energy,” she says.

     Maren shows up early to class, often stays after to talk about form, and gets extra pointers on skill work from her coaches.  When Coach Nick coaches Maren during a deadlift workout, she is attentive and immediately applies his advice.  “Hook grip, Maren!” says Nick.  She pushes her comfort zone, and complies.  Did she use the hook grip during the workout?  Every rep. 

Maren Scheie is Fit and Fearless.

Maren speeding through some double unders.


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