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Meet Marko

By Jeff | In Athlete Spotlights | on January 1, 2013

He’s not a huge fan of having his picture taken…

Meet Marko Stankovich.  Marko has been a long-time athlete.  From participating in a variety of sports in high school, playing intramural sports in college, and continuing strength training after college, Marko has an impressive athletic background.  His independent strength training at a globo-gym left him wanting more.  “I kept up with strength training after college, and had success with that.  I was relatively strong in core strength movements like benching and squats but I knew I was lacking in conditioning and endurance and stamina.  I started doing sprints but that got boring.”

After stumbling upon the CrossFit games on television, Marko’s interest was piqued.  The CrossFit programming combined Marko’s love of heavy lifting with what he lacked—metabolic conditioning.  He began working out at CrossFit and Fearless in April 2012.  After eight months of CrossFit, Marko has made significant gains.  He recently accomplished a 205# snatch, and also achieved a new level of intensity in fast workouts like Fran, which he completed in 2:56 at the End of the WOD event.  He says, “my stamina and endurance have increased.  I enjoyed Coach Nick’s mobility class.  Something I never did before was take the time to stretch and stretch properly.  With that I became more flexible.”  Taking the time to focus on mobility issues has been a contributing factor in Marko’s success.

A few months ago, Marko injured his wrist while attempting a one rep max Clean & Jerk.  After the injury Marko “had to scale back a lot, and couldn’t do many movements that would involve using my wrist.  I worked around it.  I did a lot of one-arm stuff.  You’d be surprised how easy it is to work through with one arm.  Scaling is not bad.  You can get your coach to help you scale or you can figure out your own substitutes.”  Marko refused to let his injury hold him back from training.

Marko’s current goals are to continue to improve his endurance and stamina post-injury.  “I want full strength back in my wrist to be better with the push jerk.”  To work toward his goals, he works out five days per week, eats a Paleo diet, and focuses on mobility.  “I stopped with any protein powders.  With four months of CrossFit and Paleo together, I had better results from doing strength training on my own for years.  It works very well if you eat clean and put in the effort in the box.”  Marko admits, “after a cheat day, I feel sluggish and heavy for the next few days.  When you’re eating clean you can come in the box and fly, instead of having heavy food in your stomach.”

Despite his love for dark chocolate, Marko’s commitment to putting in extra time in the box for skill work and mobility is paying off.

Marko Stankovich is Fit and Fearless.

Marko, doing WORK!

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