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Joe Graef

Joe Graef


Instructor Joe Graef loves the simplicity of the Krav Maga system and the fact that it has been designed to be easy to learn.  As he puts it, “Training in Krav Maga keeps my body and mind in shape, and the system always offers a goal to strive for.” Joe believes in giving the people of his community the tools they need to defend themselves if needed. His favorite thing about teaching is seeing his students gain self-confidence in all parts of their lives.  If you’re planning to attend one of Joe’s classes, you can look forward to good energy, a fun and friendly atmosphere, and thorough instruction. To schedule a private lesson with Joe Graef, email him at joe@fitandfearless.com.

Reviews for Joe Graef

“Joe is by far one of the most attentive instructors I’ve ever had. He is always there right when I need him to help.”

“Joe has an ability to break things down, and he always makes time for students.”

“One of the friendliest and most approachable of all the instructors. Welcoming and inviting to new students, and you can see that he really cares.”


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