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Luis Brito

Luis Brito

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Instructor Luis Brito began training in Krav Maga after leaving the Marine Corps in 2010 because he felt the need to continue his combatives training while getting a good work out at the same time. Those who attend Luis’s classes will find a tough workout that tends to lean towards a more militaristic style, while staying within the boundaries of civilian exception.  Students will be pushed to their limits at times to instill in them that it IS possible to surpass those limits.  ”Mind over matter” is Luis’s motto: “Like we say in the Marines, ‘If you don’t mind, it don’t matter.’”

Reviews for Luis Brito

“Luis’s classes are awesome! He teaches things in a way that is understandable, and his drills are always really fun!”

“I would describe Luis as a talented practitioner and an incredibly personable instructor. You can always count on him to be smiling and friendly in addition to informative.”

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