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Parker Westbrook

Parker Westbrook

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Parker Westbrook loves out of shape students. She tells them the truth: when she came to Krav Maga she was 40 years old, 40 pounds overweight, and was sad that she couldn’t do one proper pushup or squat. She started as a student at Fit and Fearless in 2007.

Times have changed. Krav Maga quickly became her greatest passion in life, and her greatest thrill is now seeing non-athletic students change their lives through training. She believes the combat arts are for everybody, and particularly enjoys working with non-traditional combat students: kids, retired people, women, victims of assault, or those with physical restrictions. Anyone who might ever be told “you can’t do it” is her target student.

“I love working at Fit and Fearless and teaching Krav Maga because I feel like I’m earning my place on this planet by making a real and measurable difference in people’s lives.   I believe becoming fit and learning Krav Maga allowed me to become a better, stronger, and braver person.  Training has taught me to face and overcome my fears and helping others succeed in doing the same means the world to me.”

Reviews for Parker Westbrook

“In Parker’s class you can always learn about real world situations in how women are typically attacked while finding solutions to deal with a similar scenario.”

“Not only does Parker understand women, but she is truly gifted in her ability to make us feel comfortable with her almost immediately upon meeting her. Because of Parker, I am a much stronger, confident woman who is able to take care of myself, and who no longer lives in fear.”

“Truly the most passionate, bad-ass cheerleader of Fit and Fearless, Parker clearly has committed herself to reducing fear in the world, one well-trained woman at a time! She’s the girl we all want to be as we grow up.”



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