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Steve Gordon

Steve Gordon

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Steve Gordon came to Fit and Fearless with a wide Martial Arts background starting at the age of 8 in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido and holds Black Belts in both. A Marine Corps Veteran and currently an Austin Police Officer, Steve serves as an adjunct instructor for the Austin Police Department’s Learned Skills Unit assisting with the instruction of both cadets and current officers in Defense Tactics. Steve calls training an addiction and his life-long passion. He has studied various systems including: Filipino Kali (stick and knife fighting), Silat, Kuk Sool Won, Japanese Bujinkan Arts, Judo, Western wrestling, and MMA. Steve has a very realistic approach to self defense and specializes in grappling-based self-defense and fighting. He has been training Shebaro Jiu-Jitsu for 12 years, in Krav Maga for 8 years, and is an instructor of both.

“I love teaching and sharing my skills and experiences with my students.  The best thing that I can do in each class is teach someone something that may save a life or prevent someone from getting hurt. Self Defense has to be aggressive. No matter if you are a Beginning Student or in advanced classes, you have to bring aggressiveness to your training, because that is how you need to be in a fight for your life…BE AGGRESSIVE!”

Reviews for Steve Gordon

“I love working with Steve! He is great at finding different ways to explain things if people are having trouble, and his classes are also just a lot of fun.”

“Great instructor! Incredibly committed to helping students master their skills. As a bonus, he also has the ability to make everyone feel welcome and like part of the Fit and Fearless team!”

“Steve classes often contain a lot of ground work and due to his training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, students get a hybrid of his knowledge for both forms martial arts. I think his classes provide valuable insight into real life ground fighting scenarios.”

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