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Vanessa Apodaca

Vanessa Apodaca

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The main idea that continues to push instructor Vanessa Apodaca to train in Krav Maga is her drive to master the system.  As she says, ”Everything in Krav Maga has a purpose, beginning in Level 1, that builds on itself as one continues to progress through the system.” No matter how far Vanessa advances in Krav Maga, she still focuses on those fundamental building blocks.

For her day job, Vanessa works as an Emergency Room Technician.  Working in an ER means that Vanessa is consistently confronted with why self-defense training is such a necessity. She says, “I am constantly thinking about what I would do if my life was put into danger in the scenarios that life brings, especially working in an Emergency Room.”  Teaching others the skills that they need to defend themselves is Vanessa’s favorite part of being a Krav Maga instructor: “It is so rewarding to know that, from each class, students are learning how to defend themselves more than they could before.”

In a class with Vanessa, students can expect a great time moving musceles they didn’t even know they had through unique drills that challenge their athleticism and cardiovascular fitness.

To schedule a private lesson with Vanessa, contact her at vanessa@fitandfearless.com.

Reviews for Vanessa Apodaca

“Vanessa gives great instruction on the litte things that are sometimes missed or overlooked. She continuously reminds us to “stay in the fight” which carries so much meaning into our stance, weight, attitude, and aggression. Her words carry with me with each class and each drill. Truly inspirational.”

“Vanessa is a perfect example of the fearless butt-kicking woman we all want to be! She is incredibly thorough in her explanations of techniques and makes it easy to have the that confidence you will succeed in mastering everything you learn.”

“Vanessa is a ball of energy to be admired, and it shows in her workouts. If you want to shed calories fast, while getting stronger in the process, try one of her KO Bag classes. They are no joke!!”

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