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Bri moved to Austin after spending over a year training Muay Thai and having two professional level fights in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She has over 10 years of experience in teaching in the fitness industry, having started as a personal trainer for endurance athletes looking to add weight training to their routines and transitioning over the years into martial arts. 

Her approach to both fitness and fighting for herself and her students is very balanced, assuring that success in any physical endeavor is possible if proper fight technique, strength training, mindset, and conditioning are all given equal importance.

She is originally from the Philadelphia area and has spent the majority of her adult life living in South America. When not training or teaching classes, you'll find her grinding away at her day job as a Spanish Linguist for a tech company or dancing salsa and bachata at night!

  • Heavy Bag

  • Combatives Conditioning

  • KravFit