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KRAV MAGA: Whether a beginner or a seasoned krav enthusiast, you'll find something to suit you in this class. Learn practical self-defense designed to work with your body and your skill level. 
HEAVY BAG: Combative combinations (strikes, kicks, bobbing & weaving, blocking, etc.) interspersed with additional cardio exercises to increase endurance. 
COMBATIVES CONDITIONING: Like Heavy Bag, just with more creative cardiovascular conditioning moves!
WARRIOR WOMAN FIGHT FUNDAMENTALS: Learn to strike & defend with a partner. Practice, then apply in a comfortable, ladies-only environment. 

Resistance training using weights and bodyweight to increase muscle capacity, improve dynamic balance, strengthen joints, and increase core strength.
CARDIO SERIES: Get your heart rate up with this circuit/interval class. Lots of movement, lots of variety.
KETTLEBELL STRENGTH: Resistance training with kettlebells for full-body work and LOTS of core! Never worked with a kettlebell before? We can't wait to introduce you to it!
Techniques-based class focused on effective footwork and striking. Uses both heavy bags and partner work. 
ROPES & BELLS: This class focuses on using battle ropes for cardio and kettlebells for strength training, getting the best of both worlds in a pure 45 minutes of BEAST mode!
MOBILITY: Active recovery that's vital for a healthy range of motion in muscles and joints. Includes yoga flow, stretching, rolling out muscles, and balance exercises.
BARBELL: Movement Evaluation required prior to signing up for class. Class is on a monthly rotational basis; you must commit to the entire month of classes. Sign up opens one month in advance.

Upper level Krav Maga, FAFO, and Barbell are not available for First Class Free passes. 


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Please note that pre-registration is required as class spots are limited.
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