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Interested in attending a class? We'd love to have you!

Please note that pre-registration is required as class spots are limited.
If you see that a class has a waitlist, please go ahead and sign up!
It's highly likely you'll make it off the waitlist in time for class.


We offer two main types of classes: Fighting and Fitness. Fighting classes are written in yellow. Fitness classes are written in blue. 
Classes noted with a star are not available for First Class Free.

KRAV MAGA: Whether a beginner or a seasoned Krav enthusiast, you'll find something to suit you in this class. Real-life self-defense training for every body type and all fitness levels. Learn upper and lower body strikes, defenses against unarmed and armed attacks, and how to recognize and apply these techniques if you need to defend yourself.
WARRIOR WOMAN KRAV MAGA: 1st Wednesday of each month is FREE & open to the public! Monthly series of self-defense focusing on real-life scenarios in a safe and supportive environment.  Excellent beginner class. OPEN TO ABCD (All But Cis Dudes - no offense guys).  Ages 15+ due to potential subject matter that may come up in class. (Ages 13-14 welcome, but must be accompanied by a responsible ABCD adult taking class as well.)
HEAVY BAG: Let it all out on the bag in one of our most popular classes! Practice your punches and kicks on a full-sized Heavy Bag and learn to flow them together strategically. Boost your stamina, improve your technique, and increase your physical and mental power. 
GROUNDWORK*: How to defend yourself and come out on top when the fight goes to the ground. 
MITTWORK*: Learn to strike & defend with a partner, focusing on movement, distance, and strategic combatives. Previous kickboxing experience or 5+ Krav Maga classes required prior to this class to learn basic striking form.
KRAVFIT: Our general fitness class to get you fit for any aspect of life! Combines aspects of cardio, strength and power, endurance, and striking/kicking/defending. 
STRENGTH & STABILITY: Resistance training using weights and bodyweight to increase muscle capacity, improve dynamic balance, strengthen joints, and increase core strength. Complements fight training to minimize risk of injury and increase power.
CARDIO SERIES: Get your heart rate up and increase cardiovascular fitness through different class formats: HIIT (high intensity interval training), Circuits (rotating through different stations), Endurance (develop stamina), and Agility & Speed (footwork & fun games). Lots of movement, lots of variety.
ROPES & BELLS: This class focuses on using battle ropes for cardio and kettlebells for strength training, getting the best of both worlds in a pure 45 minutes of BEAST mode! Prior kettlebell experience OR completion of 3+ Kettlebell Strength OR 5+ Strength & Stability classes required for form and safety.
MOBILITY: Recovery, stretching, and range of motion exercises to ensure longevity in your fighting career (and general life!). FREE FOR MEMBERS!
FAFO*: Advanced kickboxing class. Requires Level 2+ Krav Maga or permission of instructor(s).
Upper level Krav Maga, FAFO, Warrior Woman Kickboxing, & Ropes & Bells are not available for First Class Free or other trial offers due to pre-requisite requirements.


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