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KRAV MAGA: Whether a beginner or a seasoned Krav enthusiast, you'll find something to suit you in this class. Learn practical self-defense designed to work with your body and your skill level. 
WARRIOR WOMAN KRAV MAGA: Monthly series of self-defense focusing on real life scenarios. 2nd Wednesday of each month is our FREE class! OPEN TO ABCD (ALL BUT CIS DUDES - no offense guys, see the Punch & Lunch Krav Maga for an alternative). No class each 1st Wednesday of the month. 
PUNCH & LUNCH KRAV MAGA: Ever feel like you need to hit something on your lunch break? Join us for midday Krav Maga focusing on real-life scenarios. A great way to learn self-defense when evening classes aren't an option for you!
How to defend yourself and come out on top when the fight goes to the ground.
HEAVY BAG: Combative combinations (strikes, kicks, bobbing & weaving, blocking, etc.) interspersed with additional cardio exercises to increase endurance. 
COMBATIVES CONDITIONING: Like Heavy Bag, just with more creative cardiovascular conditioning moves!
WARRIOR WOMAN KICKBOXING: Learn to strike & defend with a partner. Practice, then apply in a comfortable, ladies-only environment. 5+ Krav Maga classes required prior to this class to learn basic combatives.

STRENGTH & STABILITY: Resistance training using weights and bodyweight to increase muscle capacity, improve dynamic balance, strengthen joints, and increase core strength.

CARDIO SERIES: Get your heart rate up with this circuit/interval class. Lots of movement, lots of variety.
ROPES & BELLS: This class focuses on using battle ropes for cardio and kettlebells for strength training, getting the best of both worlds in a pure 45 minutes of BEAST mode! Prior kettlebell experience recommended or 5+ Strength & Stability classes.

Upper level Krav Maga, FAFO, Warrior Woman Kickboxing, and Ropes & Bells are not available for First Class Free passes. 


Interested in attending a class? We'd love to have you!


Please note that pre-registration is required as class spots are limited.
If you see that a class has a waitlist, please go ahead and sign up!
It's highly likely you'll make it off the waitlist in time for class.


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