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Get in shape, learn self defense, and have fun doing it.


It's no secret that working out alongside a room full of classmates will boost your motivation and competitive nature, giving you the energy to get the most out of each and every workout. Our Group Fitness classes at Fit and Fearless will give you the most well-rounded workout in south Austin with a friendly, collaborative environment.


Boost Your Motivation with Our Group Fitness Classes

Regardless of your age or experience level, we have a workout for you that will generate serious results without boring you class after class with the same repetitive movements.

Enjoy Health Benefits Away from the Gym

Whether you've been a competitive athlete your entire life or you've never even stepped foot in a gym, our Group Fitness Classes at Fit and Fearless will leave you feeling happier and healthier in everything you do. 

Regular participation in our programs will help you:

- Get better sleep

- Relieve minor ailments that result from inactivity

- Increase your physical stamina

- Improve your self-confidence


Types of Group Fitness Classes


Intervals of high-intensity, short-duration exercises designed to keep your heart rate up, burn calories, and increase your functional capacity.


Combative combinations (strikes, kicks, bobbing & weaving, blocking, etc.) delivered to a 100 lb heavy bag. Those moves are interspersed with additional cardio exercises to increase endurance. 


Resistance training using weights and bodyweight to increase muscle capacity, improve dynamic balance, strengthen joints, and increase core strength. 


Active recovery that's vital for a healthy body. Includes yoga flow, stretching, rolling out muscles, and balance exercises.

More Than Fitness

Don't waste another workout trying to motivate yourself to perform. Let the skilled instructors and highly motivated students at Fit and Fearless push your fitness training to the next level. Sign up for your first class free today!

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