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Get in shape, learn self defense, and have fun doing it.


Private lessons are great for: 

  • Individualized and tailored instruction for the topics you want to focus on

  • Working on specific combatives, defenses, etc. that you have had trouble grasping during class

  • Learning advanced techniques 

  • Modifying techniques to accommodate injuries and differing abilities

  • Reviewing and preparing for belt tests

  • Getting a jump-start on training after returning from a hiatus

  • and much more!

Want to personalize your membership?

Email to learn more about pricing and to add these options to your membership!



Rent a set of punch & kick shields for Krav Maga work at home, by yourself or with a partner! These are the same quality pieces of equipment that we normally use at the studio. Hitting these things helps relieve stress in addition to making you stronger & more fit, we promise! 


/ set

Two week rental



Whether you want to learn specific defenses against bear hugs, conquer a fear of chokes, or review your roundkick technique, our Krav Maga and Kickboxing instructors can help elevate your martial arts abilities.

Looking for private, personalized fitness that will help you achieve new levels of martial arts training? We can do that too!



Having a hard time sticking with working out from home? Finding it hard to stay motivated when it feels like the world has turned upside down? We feel you! Let us help you get and stay on track using encouragement and fun instead of shaming. We'll start with a discussion of your goals, find out about your current schedule and timeline, and set up a program that works for you! We genuinely care about your mental and physical wellbeing here at Fit & Fearless. Increasing our wellbeing is why each of us joined Fit & Fearless, and we are passionate about helping change your life as well.



We know that learning Krav Maga virtually doesn't always give the instructor all of the angles for all techniques to give you personalized constructive feedback. Our technique consultation program is overseen by our highest level Krav Maga instructors. Sign up and our instructors will review your pre-recorded videos and give you personalized feedback, comments, and suggestions for improvement. Never stop improving!

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