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Co-Owner, Instructor, & All Things Tech


Amelia initially moved to Austin to pursue her PhD at the University of Texas at Austin. After being harassed late at night on the way back to her car, she decided to begin learning practical self-defense. It only took one Wonder Woman Wednesday session at F&F to convince her to sign up for a full year on the spot.

In that year, she grew stronger physically and mentally, becoming a part of a supportive and tight-knit community and passing her Level 1 belt test. As someone who was never athletic and always advocated non-violence, Amelia couldn't believe that Krav Maga had empowered her in all aspects of her life in such a profound way. She knew that she wanted to transform lives and empower others, particularly women, through Krav Maga, just as she has been empowered by the great women of F&F. (Michelle, Parker, Jessica, Liz, Amie, Ana, Addy, and Camille - I'm looking at you!)

Amelia is now in training to become a level 1 Krav Maga instructor while also finishing her PhD and teaching undergraduates at UT, applying to nursing school, studying to become a certified personal trainer, and working at Fit & Fearless. When she isn't getting her sweat on or reading a textbook, she enjoys subversive cross-stitch, loving on her dogs, and taking long naps.

FAVORITE KRAV COMBATIVE: Side Hammerfist & Elbow #1
FAVORITE CASH OUT SONG: Undefeated by Skillet 


  • Strength & Stability

  • HIIT

  • Short, Sweet, & Sweaty HIIT



  • Personal Training for ALL bodies (with a body-positive approach)

  • Accountability Coaching

  • Troubleshooting all IT-related things


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